Probate and Trust Real Estate / Inherited Properties

The process of going through Probate takes time, requires advanced knowledge and special disclosures.  Working with a Realtor who knows the process and can work with the court, attorneys, and all parties involved, is key.  Whether you’re the administrator or executor of an estate, I will get the house sold so you can settle the estate.

Trust real estate requires a Realtor with advanced training and  knowledge of key information, disclosures, and title issues.  Managing an estate can be a daunting task for any trustee; working with an experienced Realtor can make the process a smooth and successful one.  I always strive to get the best price possible, and I keep you and your family’s best interests at heart throughout the process.

Whether the property is in probate, a trust, or inherited, I can help you determine your options for selling and the best strategy, such as making repairs or selling “as is”, in order to get the best results from a sale.  I also have resources available to assist in liquidating assets in the home, if needed. Having been through the process with my own loved ones, I am sensitive to the needs of those involved.

Contact me @ 614-208-9794 or email to discuss your options and selling a property that is part of probate or a trust, or a property that you’ve inherited.